Kendall Jenner Not Dating Lakers Rookie Russell


Let’s finally clear the rumors. No, reality star Kendall Jenner and Lakers rookie D’Angelo Russell are not dating. Sources from both sides have said that there is nothing going on between the two 19-year-olds and that they are just friends.

The rumors have been making the rounds for a while, but they reached a fever pitch recently when Jenner was seen hanging out courtside at a recent Lakers game and looking all dolled up. Well, she was there apparently to see a friend who is married to a Dallas Mavericks player, who the Lakers were playing against that night.

She was not there to cheer on Russell, though she might have been cheering him on if she’s really a Lakers fan.

As far as Russell goes, he’s 19-year-old NBA star and was the second pick in NBA draft, so we are certain that he’s not going to have an issue finding good looking women to date.

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