Swift-Suer Wants A Judge Who Is Not A Swiftie


Imagine this. You write a song. It isn’t much, but you like it. A few years later, you hear a ridiculously popular artist rip off large parts of it and make gajillions. You sue said artist. Then, you come to court and the judge dismisses your case by quoting said artist. Whaaaattt???

This is exactly what happened to Jessie Braham who sued Taylor Swift for ripping off parts of his song Haters Gone Hate for the purposes of making Shake It Off, one of the biggest hits in the last 5 years. He literally got his case dismissed in quotes from Swift’s songs. In real life. Like, for real.

Obviously, the guy is ticked off (not to use the expression we really wanted, since we’re nice and all) and wants another judge next time he sues. Wouldn’t you?

Haters gone hate – Jessie Braham by etribune

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