Jerry O’Connell Mocks Shia LaBeouf With Exhibit #IAmSorryToo


It was only a matter of time when someone got fed up with Shia LaBeouf’s artistic freak outs. The first one became Jerry O’Connell, who has set up his own parody performance piece next to Shia’s weird live art installation.

A public art piece performance was launched on Tuesday at 7354 Beverly Boulevard, and the Transformers actor titled the performance #IAmSorry, even though nobody is sure what he’s sorry about. Maybe because of his bizarre behavior during the press conference in Berlin? He definitely should be.

As part of the installation, Shia sat face-to-face with visitors such as passersby and fans. Or shall we say bag-to-face, since he again was wearing the same bag he wore on the red carpet at the Berlin International Festival Last Sunday.

However, O’Connell and website FunnyOrDie came together with their own installation, next to Shia’s, titled #IAmSorryToo.

Interestingly, O’Connell’s queue seemed to get bigger as more and more curious visitors wanted to see O’Donnell also sitting with a paper bag over his head that read “Super Famous” contrasting Shia’s “I am not famous anymore”.

To add to his performance, O’Connell’s held a DVD copy of his debut film, 1986’s hit Stand By Me. LaBeouf is expected to carry on his odd piece until Sunday, and we’re curious to see if Shia will throw a tantrum against O’Connell much like he did with Carrey.

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