Rocker Josh Homme: “F**k the Grammys And F**k Imagine Dragons”


Rocker Josh Homme has just reminded us how nasty rockers can be when it comes to their ego. Apparently, the frontman of Queens of the Stone Age is still angry at the Grammy Awards organization because they shortened his performance.

During a recent concert, he sincerely opened up his heart exclaiming, “F**k the Grammys!”

His last month’s performance at the gala was cut short due to time constraints while the band’s frontman was still performing with Trent Reznor, Dave Grohl and Lindsey Buckingham. The rockers were unable to finish the song by Nine Inch Nails “Copy of A” as the credits began to roll.

However, it wasn’t the only thing Homme was furious about. He was also angry when the Best Rock Performance award went to Imagine Dragons instead of his band.

During the band’s show in Houston, Texas, on Sunday, Homme was finally able to say everything he wanted to say during the past couple of weeks.

“This next song is by Imagine Dragons. Just f**king kidding!” he exclaimed.

“Wait, wait, wait, you’ve got to admit, you’re all imagining dragons right now. You know, f**k everything, f**k the man, f**k Imagine Dragons, f**k the Grammys, f**k all this s**t.”

Homme added, “We’re supposed to be here with you, we ain’t supposed to be, like with some, like the band’s d**k in our hands, although there ain’t nothing wrong with it.”

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