Jimmy Fallon Looks Good In 90s Sitcom Sweaters


Jimmy Fallon is the latest in the line of celebrities to jump on the 90s nostalgia bandwagon and our first reaction was to say it was a lame, unoriginal idea that could not possibly hope to work. Then, we saw the 90s TGIF reworking of The Tonight Show opening credits and we ended up loving it. They really nailed every single thing.

For one, they nailed the smiles, known as the fakest smiles in the history of humanity. No really, looking back on it, we all tolerated those creepy smiles like they were nothing. Man they were scary. Still are.

Another thing they nailed were the sets and the fashion, two of the aspects of the 90s TV that we can live without. Oh, and the theme son, how much did they nail that?! According to people who know these things, the theme song is so great because it was written and performed by Jesse Frederick, the voice behind theme songs for Full House, Step by Step and other powerhouses of the TGIF era.

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