Buried Knife Found At O.J. Simpson’s Former Estate


O.J. Simpson has been in the news lately, most recently commenting the fact that Cuba Gooding Jr. should not be playing him in a current television series about his famed murder case, because the actor’s head is too small.

It seems that O.J. simply can’t stay out of the news, even when he is in jail. Reports are coming in that a knife has been uncovered right on the perimeter of his former home. The knife was apparently buried and was dug up by a construction worker.

The LAPD is currently in the middle of a secret investigation and they are testing the knife. However, the details are all pretty shady. Some reports are saying that the knife was actually found several years ago, but the police have been keeping quiet about it.

The strange story we are hearing is that a construction worker found the the knife, some say a couple years ago, other say as early as 1998. He then reportedly gave the knife to a police officer he saw on the street, who was off duty. That officer then took it home and forgot all about it or simply didn’t report it.

Could this be the piece of evidence that gets the police a retrial and finally gives them a murder conviction against Simpson in the biggest celebrity murder case of our time? All we can do is wait and see.

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