Miley Cyrus Threatens To Leave The Country If Trump Becomes President


American singer and celebrity superstar Miley Cyrus has revealed to the Internet how she feels about real estate mogul and presidential candidate Donald Trump, announcing that she would leave the country if he were to win the elections.

She mentioned in a recent interview that if the Grand Old Party wins and Trump becomes president, she will immediately move out of the country. In an Instagram post earlier this week, Cyrus openly told her 38 million fans that Trump is an “f—ing nightmare.

Cyrus, who is well-known for her controversial onstage antics, actually isn’t the first celebrity to vow to move out of the US if Trump is elected. House of Cards actress Neve Campbell, a supporter of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, mentioned earlier this week that she would move “back to Canada” under President Trump. Other celebrities include Eddie Griffin, Cher, Samuel L. Jackson, Katie Hopkins, as well as Jon Stewart.

Donald Trump is a fucking nightmare!

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