Josh Duggar’s Mistress Opens Up About His Abusive Behavior


If everything we have learned about Josh Duggar recently wasn’t sickening enough, now his alleged mistress Danica Dillon has come forward and decided to reveal the details of their brief affair.

Even though you might not call what happened between them an affair, the two had two sexual intercourses and he paid her for both of them. To make things even worse, it seems that Duggar is also pretty violent in bed, seeing as Dillon, who worked as a stripper when she met Josh, described the experience as ‘terrifying.’

She said the sex was traumatic and added that he tossed her around ‘like a rag doll’ before he started talking dirty to her in a pretty offensive way. Of course, his wife, who was pregnant at the time, had no idea what was happening.

28-year-old Dillon took and passed a lie detector test for this story.

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