Justin Bieber And His Entourage of Girls Hit Hawaii


Most men on the planet will give anything to be like Justin Bieber, both when it comes to his fortune and his ability to spark a frenzy among women. The superstar is definitely aware of his allure, and he’s not afraid to show it, judging by his latest video and photos on social media.

Even though hopeful fans cheered for Selena Gomez and Bieber to get back together, it looks like that ship sailed long ago, and Bieber isn’t afraid of showing off how much he loves his single life. His latest video updates show how he’s enjoying himself in the wonderful company of four gorgeous girls, all uniformly dressed in white bikinis.

The singer is presently in Hawaii taking a break from the world and he seems to be doing all right. His numerous female fans weren’t really that excited about the video Bieber posted, and a few hundred of them even worriedly tagged Selena Gomez in the comments.

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