Justin Bieber Drops $50,000 For Two Nights In A Mansion


To tell the truth, when we hear that someone like Justin Bieber spent $50,000 for two nights in a mansion, we are not surprised. Hell, if you had that kind of money, wouldn’t you do the same? We know we would. What else are you gonna do? Get buried with it?

So, whose is this mansion that Justin dropped $25K a night to stay in? Well, it is the Miami Versace Mansion which means it is either named after the Versace family or maybe they just let the owner use their name in return for unlimited reservations? Whatever.

In any case, Justin spent $50,000 for accommodation for him and his crew, renting out the 23,000 square foot mansion with all kinds of gold-lined pools and Italian marble bathrooms. Whatever. Good for him.

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