Justin Bieber Is Now In Trouble With Argentine Law Too


When he first started, Justin Bieber sure seemed like a nice boy. Fast forward to 2014 and the Canadian singer is everything but nice. In this year alone, he was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, marijuana and prescription drugs, he egged his neighbor’s house, and was also charged with assault and dangerous driving.

And now we learn that he’s in trouble with the law in Argentina too, not just in the US and Canada. Apparently, Bieber was ordered to appear in court in Buenos Aires and an Argentine judge even asked Interpol to make sure it happens.

Bieber is accused of sending his bodyguards to beat a photographer who was waiting outside the INK club in Buenos Aires, where Justin Bieber was performing. The man was punched in the head and kicked in the stomach and claims seven or eight bodyguards were chasing him. If he is found guilty of this, Biebs might serve one year in jail.

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