Richard Simmons Struggles With Depression After Knee Injury

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As TMZ reported, Richard Simmons has not been seen in public at least since January.

According to sources, the legendary fitness personality hasn’t been returning calls from friends and family and this led to a lot of people being very worried about him.

One of the few people who have been in contact with Simmons recently said that his left knee is badly injured and requires surgical replacement, which is something that Simmons is absolutely terrified of going through with.

He had his right knee replaced several years ago, after putting it off for many years. This time around he wanted to try other options, such as stem cells, but they haven’t worked. According to the source, Simmons is very depressed because of this and refuses to leave his home.

After hearing all the talk about his disappearance and speculations on his condition, Simmons took to Facebook to inform fans he’s alive and well but dealing with a bad injury.

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