You Can Now Buy The Corleone Family Home On Staten Island


The Godfather is arguably the most beloved (and most quoted!) movie of all times and to possess an item used in the actual film is every cinema afficionado’s dream. How about the entire mansion then?

The superfans who have the means can now buy the actual Corleone family house on Staten Island for a modest sum of $2.89 million, as listed by Connie Profaci Realty.

The estate is the same one that was used for some of the movie’s iconic scenes. For example, the backyard where one of the most memorable Godfather scenes was shot, in which Don Corleone dies from a heart attack while playing with his grandchild. The mansion is also seen in the Connie Corleone wedding scene, among others.

The interior of the house was not actually used in the movie, but the owners have decorated much of the house to match the settings of the movie. The house is 6,248 square feet and the estate occupies 24,000 square feet in total.

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