Justin Bieber Nixes Meet-And-Greets


If you’re a Belieber and still haven’t met the man, you might be out of luck. Justin Bieber has announced that he is no longer going to be holding meet-and-greats for fans after concerts.

Why would be be doing this? To meet the celebrity pop singer, you’ll have to fork over about $2,000, so it’s a great money-maker for him, but as we know, the young pop star really doesn’t need the money that bad. Bieber explained the move on his Instagram account, posting a picture with a happy fan hugging him. He said that the process is very draining for him and that he ends up “filled with so much of other people’s spiritual energy,” that he is left feeling depressed and unhappy in the end.

Love u guys.. I’m going to be canceling my meet and greets. I enjoy meeting such incredible people but I end up feeling so drained and filled with so much of other people’s spiritual energy that I end up so drained and unhappy.. Want to make people smile and happy but not at my expense and I always leave feeling mentally and emotionally exhausted to the point of depression .. The pressure of meeting people’s expectations of what I’m supposed to be is so much for me to handle and a lot on my shoulders. Never want to disappoint but I feel I would rather give you guys the show and my albums as promised. Can’t tell you how sorry I am, and wish it wasn’t so hard on me.. And I want to stay in the healthy mindset I’m in to give you the best show you have ever seen 😉

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It’s really hard to blame him. Bieber is one of the biggest stars in the world and he is being stalked and photographer wherever he goes. The fact that he wants more time for himself after his shows is completely understandable, but it’s still a sad day for Beliebers around the world who won’t have the opportunity to get close to him.

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