Comedic Powerhouse Garry Shandling Dies


If you are younger, you probably grew up thinking that 30 Rock and The Office are these mold-breaking, revolutionary shows where everything goes and where the tired old sitcom formula is subverted like never before.

Well, before both these shows, and many others that may undeservedly have been seen as milestones, there was one that was truly all of that – The Larry Sanders Show  created by Garry Shandling who also played the main role of Larry. It was just the crown jewel in the career of one of the funniest comedians this country has ever produced who made us all laugh like little kids (even when we grew up) for decades. And now Garry Shandling is no more and there is no chance that he will ever do anything new to make us laugh.

And that makes this a very, very sad day. It makes it a day when we really feel we are losing all the actually talented celebrities and being left with hacks. Today sucks because Garry Shandling has died.

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