Kanye Downloads Torrents Illegally?


Whenever Kanye West tweets something, the world seems to end up discussing it all day. It pretty much happens on a weekly basis now. But this time, the celebrity rapper probably didn’t want to get the reaction that he received.

West took a screenshot of what he was listening to currently and posted it on Twitter. He was checking out a Sufjan Stevens song, by the way. But what was interesting was some of the other tabs in his browser.

The first person to officially call him out on it was fellow producer Deadmau5. So what was in the screenshot? Well, among other tabs, West had a tab open for the popular illegal torrent download site Pirate Bay, which showed that he was looking to download a production tool called Serum, made by Xfer RecordsKanye West can’t afford to buy a $189 plugin legally? What’s going on? While we can’t confirm that he actually ended up downloading it, the evidence is pretty incriminating, you must admit.

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