Kylie Minogue Opposes Kylie Jenner’s Attempt To Trademark The Name “Kylie”


Trademark battles are usually rather dry affairs. The general public’s care-level usually revolves around a slight “meh,” occasionally developing into “oh well, give it to them, they obviously did it first.”

But if the person who did it first is Kylie Minogue,  the Australian icon of pop music, and the challenger is none other than celebrity Kylie Jenner, that’s when things start to get really spicy. It would appear that Jenner tried to trademark the name “Kylie” in order to create her own brand, but unfortunately for her, the “Can’t Get you Out Of My Head” singer will have none of it.

Not only did the pop star file a notice of opposition to the 18-year-old’s application, she also openly slammed Jenner by calling her a “secondary reality television personality” who draws criticism from both African-American communities and Disability Rights. According to Minogue, the world’s big enough for only one “Kylie.” That’s it, ladies – pistols at noon.

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