Kanye Patches Things Up With Bruno Mars and Beck


Kanye West has always told everything on his mind and two artists among those who felt the wrath of his tongue lately are Bruno Mars and Beck. In a total opinion U-turn that Kanye did these last few days, he ended up apologizing to both of them.

He first apologized to Beck for knocking him during this year’s Grammys by Tweeting, “I would like to publicly apologize to Beck, I’m sorry Beck.” He told the press that he was hypocritical and that he hadn’t even heard his album before the Grammys. He heard it at a dinner party with Taylor Swift and he ended up loving it.

Kanye also apologized to Bruno Mars for hating on him in the past and he not only apologized, but also invited Bruno to join him on a track produced by Puff Daddy and 88-Keys.

Neither of the two musicians have responded to Kanye’s apologies.

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