Kanye Stands By A Rapist


Bill Cosby somehow manages to still have some defendants among the celebs, including Whoopi Goldberg, CeeLo and Wacka Flocka, just to name a few. Yesterday, he might have just gained another supporter, the biggest of them all – Kanye West.

The fact is that Kanye tweeted the following – – “BILL COSBY INNOCENT !!!!!!!” That is an undeniable fact. From there, we can pose a few theories. The first theory is that Yeezus might have some insight into the whole thing, something that changes everything. Probability of this is around 3 to 4 percent.

The second theory is that his account was hacked and  it wasn’t him. Probability of this is around 6 percent. The third theory is that Yeezy was one of his rants and that he got confused by his own brain, not even realizing what he tweeted. Probability of this is around 80 percent.

The rest of the hundred percent goes on him actually being a supporter of rape and him being a total heartless bastard who would do anything to promote his upcoming album. We just hope it’s not one of the last two.

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