Madonna Hires P.I. To Spy On Sherlock Director


This is a sad family story which just happens to feature two very famous and rich parents doing something that divorced parents all over the world are do: Saying that the other one is not good for the kid without stopping to think about what the kid actually wants for a second.

The parents are Madonna and Guy Ritchie, a famed director who, among other movies, did the Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock Holmes films and the kid in question is Rocco, not one of Madonna’s Colonial Descendants.

Maybe you don’t remember, but Rocco actually decided to up and go live with his dad after he got tired of living with his mom and getting dragged half way around the world every other day. He is currently in London, living with his dad and having too much freedom, at least according to his mom.

According to sources, Madonna actually hired a private eye to check up on Rocco and Ritchie and see if there is something going on there that would let her take legal action.

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