Rosie O’Donnell Gets Called A Piece Of S***


Usually when we hear a piece of celebrity news involving a celeb who infuriated an entire part of the population, we hear about controlled and subdued comments from the representatives of such groups. Well, not this time. Rosie O’Donnell was real callous about autism and the autism folks told her very openly what they thought of her.

It was none other than the official representative of the National Autism Association who went on the record saying that Rosie is “mushy dog s***”. Like we said, it was a bit more honest and direct than what we usually hear in these cases.

The reason why the famous comedienne deserved such harsh words was her standup routine on Broadway this weekend during which she made a joke about how her teenage children are annoying and exhausting her so much she would gladly exchange them for autistic triplets.

The worst thing about the whole story, if you ask us, is that she is now saying that two of her children have spectrum disorders and that she understands autism.

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