Sacha Baron Cohen Plays Clip From His New Movie On Jimmy Kimmel Live


Sacha Baron Cohen has been shocking the world of entertainment for more than ten years now, with some of his more than controversial movies such as “Borat,” Bruno” and “The Dictator” always carefully treading the line between funny and just downright offensive.

Well, more like mercilessly stepping all over the line until the line starts to cry, actually. The important thing is that now he’s back with his newest work of art titled “The Brothers Grimsby,” which it looks like will not only live up to but also surpass his previous work in its eerie controversy.

According to Cohen, the movie is about a soccer hooligan who is finally reunited with his long-lost brother. You might think “Oh, well okay, that’s not as bad as Borat or Bruno,” but you’d be wrong. The film is apparently just as graphic, and probably even more offensive. Cohen was asked to play a clip from the movie in front of a live studio audience when he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and judging from this audience’s reaction, it seems he’s outdone himself yet again.

Beware, Hollywood. Sacha Baron Cohen is back.

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