Tomi Lahren Attacks Beyonce About Jay Z’s Past


Tomi Lahren, of TheBlaze, had a lot to say about Beyonce’s recent Super Bowl performance in which she alluded to the Black Panther Party. The conservative political commentator said that Beyonce, along with other black celebs, like Al Sharpton and President Obama as well, should stop trying perpetuate the battle of the races.

She said that Beyonce has millions of white fans too (duh) and that she shouldn’t be force-feeding them her “pro-black propaganda.”

Lahren said that people like Beyonce should be help responsible for these actions, adding that her performance on Sunday was wrong and that she is, in essence, not letting racial wounds in America heal by constantly “ripping off the historical bandaid.”

The conservative show host even said that if Beyonce cares about black neighborhoods, she should look closer to home for changes, mentioning the fact that her husband, rapper Jay Z, has admitted to selling crack cocaine to make ends meet when he was young.

Here’s the full segment:

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