Kanye West Mocks Ray J In New Song “Highligts”


The latest celebrity news is that Kanye West is not yet ready to stop dissing nearly everybody he knows, although that really doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

During a show at Madison Square Garden, he unveiled the third season of his Yeezy clothing line, during which his new album The Life of Pablo was streamed. Apart from his lyrics about how he will probably have sex with Taylor Swift, the biggest jaw-dropper was the song “Highlights” where he raps:

“Me and Ray J would probably be friends if we wasn’t in love with the same bitch / You might have hit it first but I’m riiiich.

The kinder and gentler side of Kanye must have realized that Ray J probably wouldn’t take too kind to such disrespect, so he met with his sister Brandy to tell her to tell her brother he wasn’t talking trash but simply “having fun.”

Apparently, Ray J is cool with both Kanye and Kim and appreciates Kayne reaching out…just as long the world isn’t allowed to forget that he is also very rich, with 4 TV shows currently on the air.

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