You’ll Soon Be Able To Control Kanye’s Dead Mom


In case you are living in a cave or a deserted island somewhere, Kanye did a massive event yesterday, showing off his new clothing line and also giving people a taste of his new album which is called The Life of Pablo, for some reason. In addition to that, Yeezy also debuted the trailer for a video game he’s been working on in secrecy.

The video game will be called Only One and according to the rapper, it features his late mother Donda and her trip to heaven. We haven’t heard anything about what the player will be doing, but we sure are hoping for something along the lines of celebrity dead mom Flappy Bird.

Too much?

In any case, the fans weren’t really thrilled by the trailer or the idea itself and they got Kanye a bit mad. He sort of lost it, telling them how difficult it is to make a video game and how many obstacles he had to overcome to get it made.


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