This Is How The Grammys Went Down


The Grammys took place yesterday and we had to watch and pay attention so that we could tell our readers how great they were and how important they are to the music industry. The only problem is that the Grammys felt out of touch and out of place and time more than ever before. Still, it was a huge occasion, all the celebrities were there and stuff happened.

Rihanna wasn’t there because of health problems, but Taylor Swift was, giving us her piece of mind on the whole Kanye situation and winning a few awards. Kendrick Lamar won 5 Grammys and put on the best performance of the evening. Broadway’s Hamilton was a close second and then Lady Gaga tried to honor David Bowie by changing a few costumes and jumping around.

Adele had some equipment problems that caused her to sing out of tune while Weeknd had no such problems. He had a fantastic performance, even though Lauryn Hill wasn’t there to back him up.

Plenty more happened, but these were the highlights.

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