Kanye West Hospitalized


Kanye West was admitted to hospital in Melbourne, Australia, suffering from a severe headache. However, despite an emergency MRI scan, the rapper was back on stage later that same evening.

Australian news reports had suggested that the star’s emergency admission to Epworth Hospital in Richmond, Melbourne on Wednesday, September 10 was potentially quite serious. West was reportedly admitted to hospital around 2:30 p.m. after suffering a migraine while playing basketball, and was given an urgent MRI scan.

Woman’s Day magazine quoted the mom of a fellow hospital patient, Lorraine Terry, who claimed doctors feared West had suffered a seizure.

But a source told Us Weekly that the star is doing fine, and his short hospitalization was never a big concern.

Kanye just had a headache and wanted to be extra clear for his show. It wasn’t seizures or anything like that.

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