McCartney Gets Superstars To Record Tribute Album To Himself


Many people will say that this seems a little pretentious, but we are talking about a super star here. Does Paul McCartney have a huge ego? Probably, but he was a member of the most influential rock group of all time, so it’s totally alright. According to Sir Paul, he is getting together some of his friends to essentially record a tribute album to himself.

That’s right – people like Bob Dylan, Billy Joel and Kiss will be recording some of his songs. Some will record Beatles classics, while others will perform songs that Paul penned after he left the Fab Five.

Other groups that will be participating in the album will include The Cure, Def Leppard, and rock icons like Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys, Alice Cooper and Willie Nelson, among many others.

If you are looking for some more insights, it is said that Billy Joel will be doing “Live and Let Die,” and The Cure is set to cover “Hello Goodbye.”

The album is expected to hit shelves in November.

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