Kardashians File Report Against Clown


Are you kidding me? The Kardashian sisters Khloe and Kourtney want to file charges against a clown. So you might be asking, what did the clown do to them? Was it a man in a clown suit that assaulted them or did anything to harm them? Well, it depends on what you define as harm.

So what did the clown do? He threw some confetti at the two reality stars. That’s it – confetti. The clown is known as Richie the Barber and he has been a street performer in Los Angeles for many years. The clown spotted the two on Melrose Ave one day and he threw some colored bits of paper at them.

He was just trying to have a little fun, but the Kardashian sisters obviously didn’t think that it was fun.

There were photos of the incident posted all over the Internet, and it seems that the sisters were very, very upset by it.

They didn’t even need much time to think it over, because they filed a battery charge immediately after the event. According to reports, they are expected to pursue criminal charges as well.

We can only hope that they lose and are embarrassed in court and that the clown walks away scot-free. These reality queens are definitely taking themselves way to seriously, and hopefully a ruling in favor of the clown will show them that they are not as important as they think they are.

Has anyone ever been hurt by confetti? There have been incidents at weddings in which people were hurt by throwing rice into someone’s eye, but there probably aren’t many reports of injury by confetti – or are there?

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