Rihanna Upset By Fake Instagram


Singer Rihanna seems to be very upset and angered by an Instagram page that was set up in her name. She claims that the page is fake, that it is not affiliated with her and that people should not follow it.

She recently had to close down her Instagram account after posting some partially nude photos. The photos were a little to risqué for the owners of the website, who said that she was breaking rules that the website has in terms of nudity. Rihanna posted pictures from a steamy photo shoot for a French magazine in which her breasts are bare and her nipple piercing is exposed.

Not only did she remove the photos from Instagram, but she also decided that it was time to take down the account for good, despite the fact that there were over 12 million people following it. An account appeared a couple of days later that was called “badgalriri_again” and featured a link to a video of hers as the first post.

Naturally, many of her fans thought that she had come back to Instagram, but according to Rihanna, it’s a fake account and it is not hers.

She told her friends via Twitter to not follow the account because it is not official and it was not opened by her or any of her people. She assured her fans that the account was fake, even though most of the probably followed the account anyone in order to get their daily dose of Rihanna in their Instagram feeds.

In only a couple of days before Rihanna said anything about it, the account had already garnered over 47,000 followers. Rihanna reiterated that it wasn’t her account, stating that she no longer has an Instagram account.


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