Minaj Wants Wig Lawsuit Thrown Out


You could say that rapper Nicki Minaj is wigging out over the suit that was filed against her by her former wig designer. She has asked that the judge completely dismiss the lawsuit that was filed against her. What is all the fuss about?

Minaj broke ties recently with a wig designer that she used to use regularly. His name is Terrence Davidson. Minaj stated that she has not been working with him since 2013 and that the two decided to part ways of creative differences.

However, it seems that Davidson is not entirely over Minaj and her business, because he has filed a lawsuit against her. The lawsuit claims that Minaj has stolen some of his wig designs.

Minaj says that the charges are absolutely false and she hopes that a judge will throw them out. She said that Davidson is angry at her, and that is why he filed the charges. According to Minaj’s people, Davidson is angry because he lost his biggest client and all of the publicity that came from working with Minaj earlier.

She also added that his talents as a hairdresser and wig designer are not substantial enough to keep his business prospering without being able to attach his work to Minaj’s name. There were no reports on whether Davidson cited any specific designs in his claims. Minaj is a very big fan of wigs and loves to experiment with all kinds of styles and colors. Whoever is currently making her wigs for her is probably very happy that she decided to sever ties with Davidson.

Most reports predict that Minaj will get her wish and that the charges will be thrown out by the judge once the case comes to court for a hearing.

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