Kardashians Take Over The World!


Kim Kardashian will make $200 million off her new game this year alone. As if it wasn’t enough for the iPhone game to consume people’s lives to the point where she had to issue an in-game apology in the form of free game stars when Kim Kardashian: Hollywood crashed last Friday, it appears that the app has also taken over the government as well.

The Environmental Protection Agency tweeted about Kim Kardashian: Hollywood on Monday, July 21 and the since-deleted tweet makes it clear that the Kardashians are actually running the world.

I’m now a C-List celebrity in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood,” read the EPA tweet, which, according to US Weekly, was deleted after three hours. “Come join me and become famous too by playing on iPhone!”

People didn’t know quite how to react to such a tweet coming from the account that is generally used to update the public on the government’s efforts to protect clean water and reduce pollution in the United States.

Some people thought it was a hilarious joke or even hack while some people were offended that the government had time to play Kim Kardashian’s iPhone game when they should be doing government stuff like paperwork and even more paperwork.

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