Kardashians Will Not Be Prosecuted For Firework Bonanza


In case you missed it, back in August, the Kardashian-Jenner Conglomerate celebrated the birthday of James Harden, the NBA star who had recently started dating Khloe Kardashian. The highlight of the party was the fireworks display which lit up the skies and caused the residents in a 30 square mile area to believe the Russians were invading.

The whole “Kardashians recreating the Battle of Ia Drang with fireworks” thing caused the LA county’s Sheriff Department to start an investigation into whether the Kardashians broke the law. The department shared their findings with the county District Attorney, together with the recommendation for a misdemeanor charge.

In the end, the D.A. rejected the suggestion, saying that the Kardashians acquired “passive permission.”  The boat from which the fireworks were fired was outside the marina, meaning that it needed no permission. Also, the Coast Guard was informed beforehand and they subsequently told the Sheriff’s Department about it. All in all, the Kardashians are off the hook. Let the fireworks begin.

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