Taylor Swift Donates $50,000 To Aid Toddler’s Cancer Fight


If you didn’t already realize it, Taylor Swift is a great humanitarian. It seems that she is always ready to help an important cause. This time, she has given $50,000 to help a 13-month-old and his family fight cancer.

The toddler, baby Ayden, is the nephew of one of Swift’s dancers who performs with her live, Toshi. According to the family of the child, both Toshi and Swift have given financial support to them through their GoFundMe campaign.

The money is going towards treatment, but also to help out the family. Ayden’s mother was taking time off to care for her child, which led to her losing her job. Now she and Ayden can be together day and night.

Doctors first thought that the baby had a serious case of pneumonia, but test results later confirmed that it was cancer.

Toshi expresses his gratitude to his boss, calling her an incredible human being. We are going to have to agree with him on that.

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