Kate Upton Is The New Face Of Express


American fashion retailer Express has just got a new face. Supermodel Kate Upton has been hired as the new face for the brand’s collections, becoming the company’s first celebrity representative in a decade.

Michael Weiss, chairman and CEO of Express, issued a statement about the new partnership, writing, “This is the culmination of two iconic American establishments coming together.”

Kate’s ads for Express are scheduled for this autumn, while in mid-time, Upton will make her debut as the spokesperson hosting the spring runaway show for the Company on Thursday, at the Raleigh hotel in Miami Beach.

Recently, Kate threatened to sue the website that posted fake nude pictures of the star from the Sports Illustrated shoot. “One of these photographs has even been airbrushed,” TMZ reports the legal letter positions.

Shortly after, the airbrushed pictures of Kate were replaced with a picture of the blonde beauty in a pool, captioned, “Photos removed by SI’s lawyers enjoy the Kate Upton GIF above instead.”

The blonde beauty is about to appear in a new movie with Cameron Diaz called The Other Woman, which is scheduled for 25 April.

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