Justin Bieber To Return For Another Round Of Questioning


It seems Bieber’s rekindled romance with Selena Gomez will have to wait a little bit longer, since the troubled singer will have to appear for another round of deposition questions.

A lawyer representing the photographer who’s suing Bieber for the assault in Miami filed a court motion demanding the star return to the city.

Bieber already attended a four hour deposition last week where he was questioned about details of an assault on photographer Jeffrey Binion, who was choked by Bieber’s bodyguard Hugh Hesney last year.

The snapper’s asking for unspecified damages alleging Hesney choked him and requested to erase photographs of Bieber outside a recording studio.

Shocking video footage of the deposition leaked online showing Bieber acting badly while being questioned about his life and career. He even left the deposition after a question about Selena Gomez saying “Do not ask me about her (Gomez) again.”

Now, attorney Mark DiCowden filed a motion claiming Bieber’s lawyers wrongly prevented him to continue his questioning and demanding a judge to force Bieber to return to Miami within the next 30 days to continue questioning.

DiCowden filed a motion on the same day another Miami judge, who requested Bieber to appear before the court on 5 May, for his driving under the influence charges.

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