Miley Cyrus Meets Her Leukemia-Battling Fan After Concert

Don’t you just love when spoiled and reckless celebrities show their other side?

After a concert earlier this week, Miley Cyrus decided to invite a sick fanbackstage, making her dreams come true.

Recent Twitter campaign named MileytoLulu seems to be successful in getting the attention of the pop superstar.

The campaign was launched by Lulu Martinez’s sister, who decided to set up a meeting between Lulu, who’s battling leukemia for the second time and Miley.

On Monday, after the Saint Paul show, Miley invited Lulu backstage.

Lulu told, “(I was) screaming, (couldn’t) breathe, (saying), ‘Is this actually happening?’ It was memorable. It was nice. She just asked how we were and she said she liked my shirt. I’ll probably brag about it at school until I graduate and then after I get married too...”

At first I wasn’t feeling good and I’m like, ‘I’m going to meet Miley and I’m going to puke and she’s going to remember me as the girl who puked’, but I didn’t puke. I was all good. It went smooth.”

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