Khloe Kardashian Caught In A Brazen Pie Lie


It is really difficult to decide how you feel when you hear that Khloe Kardashian lied when she boasted about her Thanksgiving pies this Turkey Day. At first, you are like, “Wait, what?” Then, it is, “Why do I care?” and then it’s, “How did they catch her, exactly?”

Well, let’s start from the top. Yes, the people from TMZ found out that Khloe bent the truth a bit this Thanksgiving when she publicized her new-found pie-baking skills on Instagram. Namely, they discovered those were pies from Sweet Lady Jane, a popular L.A. bakery.

They were able to do this because Khloe was really dumb in her lies, arranging the three pies in the same fashion as on the bakery’s website. She didn’t change them one bit.

Why do we care? Why the f**k did she lie about something like this?! So many mixed emotions.

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