Selena Gomez Furious About Lip Syncing Rumors


Selena Gomez is so angry about the fact that people are accusing her of lip syncing that she actually broke out into profanity. And the message from the pop star to those people? “Yes, I f—king sing live.”

Gomez performed at the 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on Tuesday night. The performance was great, very energetic and sexy. It included some of the biggest hits from her most recent album “Revival,” including tracks like “Hands To Myself” and “Me & My Girls.”

But even though all of her fans and the media there thought the performance was great, there were still some people who were not convinced that she was actually singing live.

Some thought that the vocals sounded too good and that Gomez was probably just giving it the old “Milli Vanilli” treatment.

An angry Gomez posted the aforementioned comment about whether the singing was live or not on a photo of the event. We hear you loud and clear, Selena.

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