Lamar Odom’s Struggles Most Searched Thing On Google This Year


Apparently, a lot of people were very interested in the plight of Lamar Odom this year. As most remember, Odom was hospitalized earlier after slipping into a coma from an apparent overdose of herbal Viagra while visiting a Nevada-based brothel.

People cared so much that Lamar Odom was actually the most searched term on Google this year. More people searched for news about Odom than about the tragic deaths in France at Charlie Hedbo magazine last January.

Not even some of the year’s biggest movies could top Odom. Both “Jurassic Park” and “American Sniper” ranked below the former NBA player and Keeping Up with the Kardashians star.

It seems that people really like to Google tragedy. Some of the biggest searches of the year were related to deaths, including the suicide of famed comedian Robin Williams.

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