Azealia Banks Likes To Bite Other Women’s Boobs


You’d think that a piece of celeb news with the title “Azealia Banks likes to bite other women’s boobs” would be sexy, right? Well, no. As it turns out, this is just another incident that makes us think there is something wrong going on with the 212 rap star.

The incident took place at the Up & Down club in New York where Azealia attempted to crash a party of sorts. After she was denied entrance, she started berserking at the female bouncer who was at the door, screaming racial slurs at her, among other things.

The manager finally stepped in and allowed her to enter. And just as it seemed everything was going to be okay, Azealia continued to wail at the bouncer and even spit on her. She had to be shown the door once again and as she was being dragged out, she bit down hard on the bouncer’s boob. The epilogue of it all is that Azealia got arrested. For biting someone’s boob.

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