Khloe Kardashian Thinks Trump Wouldn’t Make A Good President


Khloe Kardashian is not a fan of Donald Trump.

She was a guest on “Chelsea,” along with a couple other celebrities who were on Donald Trump’s infamous “Celebrity Apprentice” reality show, and she did not have any nice things to say about it.

Karadashian said that she could not stand being on the show and that she was incredibly relieved and happy when she got “fired” from it by Trump.

She added that the only reason she did the show is because her mom told her to do it.

Trump, who is the Republican presidential candidate in the coming US elections, ended up firing Kardashian from the show back in 2009, when it came to his attention that she had been arrested for a DUI two years before that.

Singer Clay Aiken was on “Chelsea” as well to talk about his experience. Both he and Kardashian believe that Trump would make a terrible president, butAiken believes that Trump is going to be victorious.

However, he said that he will be endorsing Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and will do everything he can to help her defeat Trump.

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