Ariana Grande and Ricky Alvarez Have Broken Up!


If you think you’re going through a rough patch, just think about how Ariana Grande must feeling after losing both the chance to ever perform at the White House and a boyfriend, all in the same week. We find out through Us Weekly that Ricky Alvarez isn’t in Grande’s life anymore, but it seems like the singer is getting through the whole thing pretty well.

Fans noticed a few days ago that Grande deleted all the photos of Alvarez from her Instagram account and that caused some suspicion. What basically made it official were celebrity’s tweets in which she celebrated the power of freedom and change, and which were very telling about what is happening in the pop star’s life.

This breakup does come as a bit of surprise seeing that there weren’t any signs of the relationship’s demise, but this is because Grande and Alvarez always kept things very private. We don’t yet know what the exact reason for the couple’s separation is, but for now it seems like both Grande and her back up dancer/ex-boyfriend Alvarez are coping quite well with their newly regained single status.

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