Ariana Grande Banned From Performing At The White House


Wikileaks delivers a lot of unexpected and eyebrow-raising information, but what we’re learning right now is just plain strange. Apparently, Ariana Grande was permanently banned from performing at the White House because of last year’s doughnuts fiasco.

If you don’t remember what we’re talking about, last fall, Grande was caught on tape licking doughnuts she didn’t buy in a shop and talking about how she hated America.

A few officials like Zachary Allen were strongly against Ariana Grande performing at an event that was held at the White House, after she slurred America. Many others backed this veto, and some were even outraged that the pop star wasn’t reprimanded after basically delivering a hate speech in a public space, while Donald Trump was held accountable for insulting the Spanish community.

The expression “double standards” was used abundantly for this situation, because Grande wasn’t persecuted for a criminal offense, but the scandal simply faded out with time. Well, the scandal didn’t land her a criminal record, but Grande will not be performing at the White House any time soon.

Watch the video here

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