Kendall Jenner Partakes In Romantic Juggling Act


Kendall Jenner is known for having a string of celebrity boyfriends, but things are heating up as she takes on yet another crush while casually dating Jordan Clarkson, an NBA basketball player.

Her latest conquest is A$AP Rocky, the celebrity rapper, with whom she was seen gallivanting through Hollywood and Paris, according to Mirror, which brings us the news.

It’s not clear whether Kendall can’t make up her mind or if she’s simply enjoying herself the best she can. The twenty-year-old model was seen in Paris having a great time with A$AP, romantic dinners, dancing in prestigious night clubs, and all.

Not long after, the handsome couple was spotted in one of the Hollywood’s luxurious hotels, again very close and snugly. It seems that both Kendall and A$AP Rocky are on the same page commitment-wise, because the rapper obviously doesn’t mind that Kendall is still actively – albeit casually – dating Jordan Clarkson.

The celebrity model stated recently that she wants to be married with kids ten years from now. Judging by the state of her casual dating life, she is in no hurry to make that happen just yet.

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