Is Amber Heard Dating Billionaire Elon Musk?


Amber Heard can’t seem to stay out of the news, even when she’s not battling her ex-husband Johnny Depp in court.

Rumors have now started to circle that she has been seeing Tesla’s Elon Musk. So are they dating or not?

According to sources close to Heard, they are not dating. These sources say that Heard’s sister is actually friends with the billionaire entrepreneur and that they are all friends.

Heard’s sister has apparently been friends with Musk for over four years. Heard was with her sister at the Delano South Beach Hotel in Miami, whereMusk was staying as well.

They hung out inside of the hotel, obviously not wanting to go out in public and bring any more unwanted attention to themselves, especially Heard, who is knee-deep in her divorce right now.

A lot of people have called the celebrity actress a gold digger. So if she really was one, it would make sense that she would be interested in Musk, who is worth an estimated $13 billion – which makes Depp’s $400 million seem like chump change.

The divorce between Heard and Depp has been getting ugly, most recently with allegations coming from Depp that Heard is trying as hard as she can to air their dirty laundry out in public.

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