Ariana Grande Hosts SNL And Knocks It Out Of The Park


For the most part of her career, Ariana Grande all but completely flew under our radars here at CelebZen. We did become aware of her existence at one point, but that was that. However, after watching the SNL show she hosted this weekend, we might just think she will get on our must-watch celebrities list.

For one, the girl can sing, as she showed in an otherwise-cringeworthy skit about Tidal getting all messed up and her having to put out the fires by pretending to be a whole string of pop-stars, from Britney Spears to Whitney Houston, from Shakira to Rihanna.

She was also part of a really funny “Not A Feminist Song” song and she belted out a few tunes of her own.

The real reason we noticed her, however, was her non-singing part of the night, in another subpar SNL skit (is there any other kind these days?) where she played Jennifer Lawrence. She did such a fantastic job with this one that we simply had to take notice.

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