How Did Nearly Everyone Miss Britney’s Comeback?


Unless you weren’t alive back in the very late 90s and early 00s, you remember how huge Britney Spears was. There were celebrities and then there was Britney. She was more than just another pop star. She was a phenomenon, an icon and so much more. We really don’t have a word for what she was.

If you think that Beyoncé or Rihanna or Taylor Swift are popular at the moment, you haven’t seen anything yet. Britney was… well there is no word for it, like we said. Then, all of a sudden, everything fell apart for Britney, she seemed to have lost it in a particularly sad and tragic way and we all thought that was that for the biggest star in the world.

Years passed, she resurfaced here and there and only a few years ago, she started really clawing her way back to popularity, and what is more important, professional success. In case you missed it (and you probably did), she is back. She is back big time.

Britney is doing shows in Las Vegas and she is kicking butts left and right. She is back to her old form. She looks great. She sounds great. She rocks the stage every single night. She is Britney once again. It was about time!

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