Kelly Clarkson Makes J-Lo And Keith Urban Shed Tears


We were never huge fans of talent shows here at CelebZen. Sure, they might have a noble idea at their core – of making talented people into stars and celebrities, but in reality, they just don’t work. How many American Idol winners can you name? One? Two? If we don’t count Kelly Clarkson, how many then?

Yeah, you’re struggling.

In any case, this season of American Idol is going to be the last (hurray!) and they are pulling all the stops to send it off in style. For the first live episode of the season, they decided to bring on the biggest Idol star ever, Kelly Clarkson to show the young ‘uns how it’s done.

She came, she belted out Piece by Piece like a boss and missed the opportunity to drop the mic, truth be told. We don’t care much for talent shows, but we care when someone does the incredible job Kelly did.


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