Kim Kardashian: Croatian Edition

A photo posted by Jelena Peric (@j_make_up) on

While the media and celebrity gossip are buzzing about a new naked photo shoot that the Kardashian family is preparing for their loyal followers, half way across the globe, another “Kardashian” is getting more and more attention.

We are not talking about some wayward Kardashian offspring, rather a Croatian belle that managed to get a lot of attention thanks to the fact that she could easily be Kim K’s twin sister. Jelena Peric, 24, lives in Zagreb, Croatia where she has dedicated her makeup artist career to making herself looking exactly like the reality TV star. She is obviously succeeding in her intentions, as many people confuse her with the original Kardashian, especially because Jelena diligently follows Kim’s style in both makeup and fashion.

A photo posted by Jelena Peric (@j_make_up) on

The young Croatian has 700,000 people following her Instagram profile, where she daily publishes pictures that praise her for being practically identical to Kim Kardashian. She might even be the best lookalike of Kim in the world, so we can probably expect some naked photos from Jelena as well.

A photo posted by Jelena Peric (@j_make_up) on

Check the rest on her Instagram: j_make_up

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